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There are no happy endings, only brief happy moments


500 Years. 500 years of Hollow reign. 500 years since Aizen's victory in the war on Shinigami. 500 years since Aizen had killed the Shinigami King. Ever since that fateful day, all hell had broken loose in Soul Society. No longer was it a place for those who passed on to rest peacefully, but rather, it served as the center of Aizen's new Kingdom as God. The Gotei 13 divisions, the Seireitei, all of it had been destroyed, torn down, and in its place a gigantic, white tower as great in width as Las Noches which reaching a height that doubled the diameter. This was Aizen Sousuke's new palace, a palace that had earned itself a name to go with its own brother palace - El Sol.

With his Espada presiding over Las Noches, closely watched by Aizen, they had grown greatly since 500 years ago. Members changed with times, and by now only Stark and Halibel remained of Aizen's Wartime Espada, serving fittingly as the 'King' and 'Queen' of his Hueco Mundo palace. New Arrancar were coming in, and being enlisted within the ranks of their brethren. And whenever they needed to feed, they would feast on those who did not join Aizen. However, why not eat the Shinigami, you ask? Simple - Aizen had prevented any chances of the Shinigami reviving.

Following the destruction of all that is Soul Society, Aizen took the citizens of Rukongai and turned them into slaves to serve their Arrancar masters, as well as Aizen. A second group of Espada was born, the Espada Envainada, who was Aizen's personal bodyguard who lived in El Sol, by contrast to the normal Espada, who ruled Hueco Mundo. These Arrancar forces in Soul Society served less of an offensive role, and instead more as slave-masters and a defensive force for Aizen. Bound by chains that sapped away at reiatsu, the malnourished slaves are forced to work day and night, building something. What is that something, they wonder, but they are never told.

With the Human World thus at the mercy of Aizen, the lesser Hollows are allowed to feed on Humans freely, devour them whole. Anything they don't devour is purified by Aizen's blade and made a slave to assist in working on his grand-scale project. Indeed, Aizen has truly become a God, with the world in the palm of his hands. But then, what Aizen never knew was that there was, and for the past 500 years had been, a Shinigami Prince.

Managing to escape when Aizen killed his father, the Shinigami Prince, a man named Saiya Enishi, fled to the Human World swearing revenge on Aizen. Hateful and wrathful, his power has been growing, and by this point, his path of revenge had led to him becoming stronger than even a normal Shinigami Captain. For the past 500 years he had not been alone however, for occasionally he would sneak to Soul Society and kidnap slaves who showed hints of Spiritual Power, taking them under his wing and raising them to be the force that would allow him to gain revenge. Operating from Japan, he has been lying in wait, and now he plans to make his move with his very own group of Elite Shinigami and those Humans who could see Spirits to claim the revenge he seeks. It is only fitting that he named his group 'Jinchuu' - For even if the Gods themselves forgave Aizen, he never would.

This is the legacy of the Soul King, this is the Legacy of the Soul.

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Come an check it out, I'm usually RPing on this site as it is, and if you're someone that wants to Rp with OC's, well its a good place to go too, I have a few characters there, and a friend of mine has a Giriko face claim and is looking for a Justin, so if you're interested come on down~!

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I was always slightly proud of the fact that I never gave into smoking, drinking was evietable with my family, but smoking, I refused to touch.
Well thanks to those dick roommates I needed something to relax me and my usual methods were not working.
I don't know what possessed me to go out to the gas station and buy some cigarettes and a lighter, but I did, took my first puff on a cigarette in 19 years of being free of it. It did relax me I'll give it that, but other then that I hate it.
I've always hated cigarette, the smell, the coughing, the effects it will have on my lungs and heart.
But finally succumbing it, I fucking hate myself for it, but I hate my roommates more. If they weren't being such dicks, getting so fucking plastered last night that I had to lock them out, for I was embarrassed that we lived in the same household, but being BLAMED for there fucking shit-tactery last night is just like punching an innocent. I did NOTHING to influence them as they so claimed, I refused to drink because I don't want to, I have other things to do with my life then make an asshole of myself.
But I'm mostly ashamed with myself. After all the years of bitching to my mom to stop smoking, but to do it myself as soon as her back is turned...wow I feel like a dick. My first cigarette now, after years of bitching to my mom to quit...I'm mostly surprised that I didn't cough of choke on my first inhaltion, and for some twisted reason that also made me proud.

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One would think when you move out that when you move ut and have two other roommates that you don't know rather well that things would be different.

Fuck no.

The city and living with two other people is just like back in my small town home, frustration and the urge to punch something. Hard. The only problem is that back at home, fighting was something done daily, can't do that here without someone wanting to cut my throat afterwards. 

And the cherry on the fucking cake...they're both genius' so no matter what I have to say, no matter what I've experienced, it means nothing. Every fucking time I try to explain something in MY point of view, its immediately shot right fucking down! And why is that? Because I'm brawn and no brain.

Fucking bullshit.

I'm the one that has a job, not them. I'm the one that will practically be paying for rent in August, not them, I'm the fucking one that cleans right fucking up after them! I've gotten the short hand of the shit stick...AGAIN. I'm really getting tired of this, its no different from the adults back in my hometown, but these are people my age. MY AGE. Has our generation become so fucked up that if you don't have the same intellect as another, you're not ALLOWED to speak in there presense? Or you're not allowed to speak, period? For the love of the Gods, fine I'll just won't talk anymore, no fucking reason too, anything I say will be invalid to them anyway.

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Ignorance is bliss.

That phrase has never been so true.

It's strange how fragile respect can become once it is broken.

I have the most best girlfriend I could ever ask for. She's bold, outgoing, doesn't care what people think of her, and stands her ground. It's a miracle how someone like myself ever, EVER, deserves someone so wonderful in my life. She makes me laugh, comforts me, helps me, supports me. She makes me happy.

But my mother now hates me for it.

She use to say to me, "I doesn't matter what you do in life, as long as your happy I will be too."


I never expected this...I thought that she wouldn't mind my sexuallity, but she does. I guess I should've seen it sooner, what with the way she was acting while I was dating my ex in highschool. The way she distanced herself from me...got angry at me for no reason...and then charging me an $800 rent.

She's ashamed of me.

She's ashamed of me, and I feel so numb. I'm NOT going to break up with my girlfriend. No I have sacrificed too much for her, and her fucktard boyfriend.

I've finally found happiness.

I am not giving that up.

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I hate humans.

Really I hate the stupid choices that they make. I know working in a Liquor Store there was going to be shoplifting, but only an idiot would shop lift while the person is. Standing. Right. There.

The perks of living in a small town, is that everyone knows everybody. I recognized the prick who shop lifted while I was on duty, and the police (though painfully slow) knew him too. Its only just a matter of time before he returns home and he is arrested and charged for shoplifting and being a minor in a 18+ store.

Though that still doesn't stop me from planning on how to murder him.

I know that he won't plead 'guilty'. No human I know would, they'd always cling to the fact that they are innocent.

To bad fucker, I was an eye witness.

I'm not really concerned if and when the court comes up, because I know it will be, and if he is free or on probation. Its just going to prove the fact the the justice system is too lenient or crap.

Sometimes I wished a Death Note really existed, be so much easier to kill someone with no evidence. But alas I am only to plot. I am only human, death is a natural thought to direct to someone you despise. I like the thought of cutting off his hands so he could never touch or steal again. It seems like the perfect punishment to me for criminals. But alot of people will probably quote Gandi in the 'Eye for an Eye makes the world blind' crap, and while it is great advice I'll admit, it sometimes seems necessary to me.

Then again I get into fight on a daily basis for most of my life, so of course it would.

I need a drink...

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Okay seriously wtf is wrong with this world? Its bad enough that there's perverts practically everywhere now a days, but don't any one have any self restraint?!

Ok I have a friend that's got a new lap top and he was over at my house on Friday last week (to use my wireless internet), its one of those new high tech lap tops with a webcam built in, anyway he was in a chat with someone else that was asking him to 'show him his budgle' in his fucking pants...bad enough that he fucking did it right in front of me, but the bastard wasn't stopping there. He has the goddamn audacicy to try and fucking masturbate in my own fucking house!

'But I'm so horny' he whines, seriously wtf?! Satisfying some perverts whimes just to get attention and praises? He's such a fucking whore! His last 'relationship' was a fucking week, seriously this guy goes through interests like candy. What really pushed me off the edge was that he expected ME to allow HIM to do whatever the fuck he wanted in MY house. Fuck him, that's not happening, after he said that...well that sword I bought from the first Animethon really came in handy since I chased him out of my house.

If I talk to him, I think I'll snap...

He didn't even know the guy he was talking to on the other end of that little chat, and when he leaves he acts like I did something wrong. WTF-ness? He talking to perverts, practically bending over backwards filling out there perverted fantasies, and I'm doing something worng by preventing him from doing something in MY house?

This is why I avoid places like Facebook and Gaia Online...

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As some of you might know I have posted an update for my Beyblade fic in FF.net. Interested? It's called Shattered Mask, I'm not sure whether or not to post it on LJ though -_-U

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I can't believe that after such hiatus that I've been inspired!  (Cackles) Take that Writer's Block! I'm actually really happy that I'll be able to type again, but I really really really need to update my older fiction on FF.net though...Oh gods I don't know if readers will kill me from the long wait, or be happy a FINALLY updated...Oh geez I'm nervous now.

I hopefully aiming for a once a week update though with the plot bunnies that are forming (Back Plot bunnies! Back!) it might be hard since I usually go 'Ooh! Idea!' and then completely right it down -_-U Maybe I'll do that but just not post it...

Anywho~ I'll be using my LJ more frequently now (And thanks to all the ones that have commented on my last you, you guys rock!) to show all the others my process and which chapters are posted and what not.

Till next time!

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I know most of you won't care for this but I'd like you to read and comment.

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This is a preview to n upcoming Naruto fic I'm planning, it's going to be a dark one with SasuxNaru pairing, it's going to follow the manga, well anyway enjoy!


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